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Bonus Ball

Supporters who wish to take part will contribute £25 annually for one “Bonus Ball” number, which also includes Honorary Membership of FDCC.
Numbers will be allocated to members randomly and the first Saturday Lotto draw of each month will determine the winner of a £50 cash prize.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the supporters who took part in the Bonus Ball during 2022/23 - it's helping the Club progress towards further success. 2023/24 Bonus Ball will start with the August draw.

Thank you for your support.


Results will be published below and publicised in the Kings Head.

Congratulations to the following winners:

August 2023 - Sat 5th

Ball Number 2 - Steve Bingham

September 2023 - Sat 2nd

Ball Number 16 - Darren Cook

October 2023 - Sat 7th

Ball Number 26 - Mark Vaughan-Shaw

November 2023 - Sat 4th

Ball Number 43 - Carol Parker

December 2023 - Sat 2nd

Ball Number 40 - Alan Edwards

January 2024 - Sat 6th

Ball Number 41 - Ray Flack

February 2024 - Sat 3rd

Ball Number 46 - Ian Fearnley

March 2024 - Sat 2nd

Ball Number 6 - Branwell Govier

April 2024 - Sat 6th

Ball Number 33 - Ted Martin

May 2024 - Sat 4th

Ball Number 10 - Bruce Felstead