CCA Junior League 4N Winners - 1986

CCA Junior League 3N Winners - 1992

CCA Junior League 3NA Winners 2002

CCA Junior League 3B Winners 2011

CCA Junior League 2N Winners 2014

1st XI Player of the Year David Yandell 1st XI Fielding Trophy 2nd XI Player of the Year Hayward-Jackson 2nd XI Fielding Most Improved Chairman's Club Man Award Duck Trophy Donald A Page Champagne Moment George Devine Champagne Moment
1989 Martin Hancock
1990 David Yandell
1991 Jason Butcher
1992 Martin Hancock Mark Jackson
1993 Andy Rabjohns Geoff Housden
1994 Mark Jackson Andy Hayward
1995 Andy Rabjohns Gordon Theobald Paul Sadler
1996 Andy Rabjohns Martin Hancock Del Marshall
1997 Geoff Housden Mark Jackson Mike Baillie
1998 Andy Rabjohns Mark Jackson Gavin Smalley Mark Davitt
1999 Andy Rabjohns Mark Davitt Paul Woodrow Gavin Smalley
2000 Andy Rabjohns Matt Strover Paul Woodrow Wayne Clements
2001 Geoff Housden Andy Hayward Peter Maskell Gavin Smalley
2002 Wayne Clements Chris Martin Paul Sadler Martin Farley
2003 Andy Hayward Adam Wilson Jason George John Young
2004 Andy Rabjohns Paul Colwell Oliver Clarke Adam Wilson
2005 Andy Rabjohns Adam Wilson Mark Jackson Adam Wilson/Jason George
2006 Andy Rabjohns Paul Colwell Adam Wilson Marc Wilson
2007 Mark Jackson Paul Colwell James Farrell Ian Steed
2008 Adam Wilson Paul Colwell Marc Wilson James Farrell
2009 Mark Jackson Paul Colwell Ian Steed Gavin Johnson
2010 Adam Wilson James Gosden Alex Dobson Andy Hayward James Gosden
2011 Ali Selmes Paul Colwell Tom Butler James Gosden Adam Wilson
2012 Adam Wilson Giles Jameson Marc Wilson Michael McCann Paul Colwell
2013 Adam Wilson Marc Wilson Alex Dobson Andy Fowler Alex Dobson
2014 Adam Brown Andy Hayward Michael McCann Mark Vaughan-Shaw Adam Brown
2015 Adam Wilson Marc Wilson Michael McCann Marc Wilson Rob Smith
2016 Rob Smith Rob Smith Andrew Fowler Mani Natarajan Gavin Johnson Mick Asplen David Shah/Mani Mark Jackson Andy Hayward
2017 Rob Smith Paul Colwell Craig Jackson Andy Hayward Himesha Jason Cole Krish Adam Wilson Tom Butler
2018 Adam Wilson George Silcock Darren Cook Andy Hayward Paul Jenkins Jason Cole Para Fez Jack Mick Asplen
2019 Rob Smith Paul Colwell Andy Hayward Branwell Govier Ollie Gardner David Shah George Silcock Himesha Joe Reeds
2021 Rob Smith Chris Wiseman Ian Steed Zak Smith Joe Reeds Rob S & Andy H
2022 Zak Smith Jack Beacom Mani Natarajan Mani Natarajan Phil Gardner George Silcock
2023 James Wilson Alex Bilalis-Stone Sol French Zak Smith Jack Beacom Adam Jackson