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Bonus Ball

Supporters who wish to take part will contribute £25 annually for one “Bonus Ball” number, which also includes Honorary Membership of FDCC.
Numbers will be allocated to members randomly and the first Saturday Lotto draw of each month will determine the winner of a £50 cash prize.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the supporters who took part in the Bonus Ball during 2015/16 - it's helping the Club progress towards further success. 2017 Bonus Ball starts with the August draw.

Thank you for your support!!


Results will be published below and publicised in the Kings Head and Ancient Shepherds.

Congratulations to the following winners:

August 2017

Ball Number 27 - Natalie Hay

September 2017

Ball Number 8 - Kim Butler

October 2017

Ball Number 21 - Anna Cullen

November 2017

Ball Number 57 - Marc Wilson

December 2017

Ball Number 52 - Ralph Woodward

January 2018

Ball Number 50 - Debs Hayward

February 2018

Ball Number 38 - George Devine

March 2018

Ball Number 36 - Don Page

April 2018

Ball Number 13 - Philip Hellier

May 2018

Ball Number 41 - Raymond Flack

June 2018

Ball Number 10 - Bruce Felstead